Last update: 22nd November 2022

Aurélie Coulon, research and teaching in spatial ecology


My research focuses on movement ecology: I study the factors influencing animal movements (especially dispersal) and gene flow, with a particular emphasis on landscape composition and structure. I also study how human-triggered landscape modifications like fragmentation affect animal movements; and the consequences on population functioning and structure. My research is hence tightly linked to the management/conservation of populations, and to landscape management (e.g. connectivity restoration, french Trame Verte et Bleue policy).
I use four approaches: GPS monitoring of movements, landscape genetics, experimentation, and spatially explicit modeling.
I work on a variety of model species, including mostly mammals (roe deer), birds, amphibians (Natterk jack toads and common toads) and reptiles (grass snakes).

Post-doc opportunity!
As of november 2022, I am looking for a motivated candidate for an 18-month post-doc position to investigate the genetic structure, genetic diversity and resistance to gene flow in 3 species in the French Alps. Click here to know more.


I mostly teach at the master of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.
I am involved in classes of general ecology, population genetics and spatial ecology (fragmentation, connectivity, landscape ecology, ...).